Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cubs and the Playoffs?

Well it looks like the Cubs don't want to play in the playoffs this year. Getting swept by the last place Marlins is not a good thing. I don't understand this. They have had the easiest end of the year schedule with the Marlins and the Reds. They are still up by a game and a half but with the way they are going that won't last. Well lets hope they play better against the Reds to finish off the season. The only good thing happening is the Brewers have to play a playoff contender for there last season. GO PADRES!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Crappy Football Weekend

It has been 2 weekends in a row that have been really crappy in terms of football for me. Lets start with Saturday college football. Like I have stated before I have 3 teams I follow (Penn State, Iowa and Syracuse). PSU lost to Michigan for like the 500th (10 if your really counting) time in a row. Iowa lost to Wisconsin because they can't score. What pisses me off about this is neither can Wisconsin. The only plus to the day is Syracuse had a major upset or Louisville. Syracuse can play offense if they are playing a High School defense. What can I say a win is a win. Not only did I teams I follow not do too well but the 4 teams I dislike all won. Florida,USC, and Miami. I think I am going to become an almost front runner. Go Cal Bears!! I will be dissapointed when they play USC and/or Oregon but until then the possibilities are endless.

Now for Sunday football.

News Flash - My Bills are going 0-16 and with the first pick in the NFL Draft who the hell knows since they have a decent QB and RB. I haven't seen a game braking wideout in college. Hopefully they will trade down a few spots for someone that needs a QB or RB. Isn't this sad its week 3 and I am already depressed.

The only fun thing today is watching McNabb of the Eagles look great again. They put up 56 points today. Hopefully this is there turn around game and they will be competitive this year. I don't like anyone else in the NFC East.

Baseball Update!!

Cubbies magic number down to 4. They have won 4 in a row and the Brewers have lost 2 in a row. They now have a 3.5 game lead in the NL central. Knock on wood its looking promising.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Directv pissed me off today

If it wasn't for the NFL Sunday Ticket I would never have purchased Directv in the first place. Yes it a little bit cheaper then cable for normal programming and there are a lot more sports but the equipment cost so much. I got the HDDVR about a year ago when it first came out I also got a bunch of other extra programming that same time. So I figured that the HDDVR would have all the functionality of the rest of there boxes. I didn't realize for few months later that it didn't. I don't use much of the interactive stuff but Sunday Ticket has alot that I would use. When i tried to use it on my super HDDVR box I couldn't use it. I held out for the first year and was going to this year until I found out there was other stuff that I wanted to use. So I called to find out about an upgrade. The lady tells me its 300 bucks. I ask her a bunch of questions about why and she basically just tells me because thats what it is. So I fold and pay the cash for the functionality. If i was still with cable I would just take my box back and they would give me a new one. Nice and easy and free. Oh well I love football!! The only good thing about this is we may be able to rearrange the living room because with the upgrade comes the installation. I made a bad choice on the location of the TV in the living room and my wife tells me about it. So I told her about the upgrade and she was irratated that I spent 300 bucks but then I explained to her that we could put the TV in the spot she wanted. Whoooooo I got out of that one!!!

Baseball update! Cubs 1 win 1 loss, Brewers 1 win 1 loss. Cubbies still have a 1 game lead in the NL Central. Magic number 10. This is going to go down to the last week. This baseball season is abnormally stressfull. I am not used to the cubs not being in this situation.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Celebrity Chefs

When I am not watching sports I love to watch the food network. My favorites to watch are anything with Rachael Ray, Anything with Alton Brown, and Dinner Impossible. I also like Bobby Flay and Paula Dean sometimes but I have to be in the mood for them. I think I like Rachael because she is fun and she just throws stuff together. She is a proclaimed cook not a chef. That is exactly how I cook. I like Alton because he analyzes the food scientifically so he knows how everything works when it comes to food. I pick up a lot of different tips from him. I also like to try some of the restaurants the Rachael and Alton hit on there travel shows. Rachael has never let me down with one of her suggestions. Dinner Impossible is just a cool show where chef Robert Irvine has to do these cooking challenges with crazy rules and time constraints. Its just entertaining.

My favorite non Food Network chef is Gordon Ramsey from Hell's Kitchen. Again this is totally for entertainment value. I love the rudeness.

So if your bored comment and tell me who your favorite celebrity chef is.

Baseball update Cubbies pull out a 9th inning win over the red yesterday staying 1 up on the Brewers who also won. Go Cubbies!!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crappy Football Day

Today sucked all around for football. My Bills lost, the Chargers are getting rock by the evil cheating patriots, and the Miami dolphins losing is as sweet as normal as they were beaten by the cowboys who a dislike as much or more as the fish.

So I went 7 out of 15 in my picks pool because no one is playing like they are supposed too. Hopefully Deb had a bad week. I don't mind loosing aslong as I don't lose to Deb or my wife. I have pride to maintain.

Oh well there is always next week!!

My Cubs won again putting the Cards even farther back but those pesky Brewers keep hanging on. There magic number is currently 13 so to make my life next stress full they need to win 7 in a row and the Brewers need to lose 6 in a row. Then they are off to the playoffs!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Beer Tasting Trip and College Football Thoughts

I did end up going on my beer tasting trip to the LA area today. I went to 2 places one in Valencia called Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Co and one in Pasadena called Crown City Brewery. They were 2 very different places. Wolf Creek was a true microbrew with 5 home brewed beers and Crown City was more of a bar with about a hundred different types of beers from different counties. In this count were some local microbrews. My over all favorite today came from Crown City and it was a Wisconsin Microbrew called Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat. I am not a usually a fruit beer fan but it reminded me of homemade blueberry muffins or pancakes and it was extremely smooth and refreshing. I could drink it all day. The only beer I didn't really like was the Intimidator IPA from Wolf Creek. It went down really well and had a really good bitter hoppy flavor but the aftertaste was horrible. I love hoppy IPA's but it shouldn't taste worse after you drink then during. Overall it was a good trip and I got to try 7 different types of beer. I was really disappointed that Crown City was out of there barley wine. I love barley and it is very hard to fine when I saw it on there beer list I was excited but when i got there they were out of it. Oh well maybe next time.

College Football

Lets start of by saying that I am a Sunday football guy. So I don't follow college as closely as I do the NFL but I do have a few teams that I root for. They are Penn State, Iowa, Syracuse, and my alma mater SUNY Albany.

Penn State dominated the University of Buffalo 45-24 but they didn't do so well in the first half. PSU should have scored 45 in the first half. You can't really complain a win is a win.

Iowa lost to Iowa St to lose the CyHawk trophy 15-13. They started out down 12-0 and came back to take a 13-12 lead but never scored again. Luckily this doesn't count in the Big Ten standings and they still have a shot at the rose bowl.

Syracuse lost 41-20 to Illinois. I don't know what to say about Syracuse. Maybe they should play Notre Dame they may have a chance to win a game this year. If you can't hang with Illinois you are in deep trouble.

SUNY Albany lost to Hofstra 28-13. 1AA football is rarely on TV so I don't know much about the game other then the lost. Oh sorry its not 1AA any more its Division 1 - Championship. Either way there not quite the big boys and most people don't care.

Baseball -
My Cubbies won 1 and lost 1 game of the double headed vs the Cards. So they cards are still 6 games back. The Brewers did make up some ground on the cubs though. I will be happy if they take 3 of 4 from the cards. If they win all or most of there series the rest of the way I think there will make the playoffs. Lets hope this year is the year they break the curse!!

Basically today sucked for me in terms of football. Good thing I had some good beer!! Can't wait until the NFL tomorrow even though my Bills are going to get there butts whooped!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Boring Day

I don't have much to talk about today since there isn't much good sports on tv and I try to avoid drinking on week days. You know the new healthy life style thing.

So after I got home from I went for a walk to the library with my wife and then sat down to watch the second half of West Virginia vs Maryland on ESPN. WVU is really fun to watch with there 2 Heisman trophy players Slayton and White and there wide open spread offense. I don't really care who wins I just love football. On another sports note my Chi Cubs are winning at Houston and the Cards lost so this is looking like a 5 game lead over the cards in the NL Central. GO Cubbies!!!

I think this weekend I will take a ride to LA and do some beer tasting a brew pub or 2. I haven't hit any of the LA pubs and I have been her for over a year. If I end up going I'll let you know how they were!!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Day

What's up all,

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and i decided to try it for myself. I have 3 main hobbies/ passions in my life and the are sports, beer, and wine. I am actually starting to have another one that doesn't seem to fit the rest working out. I actually really hope that one sticks. My plan for this blog is to just discuss random thoughts on my passions and life in general. Please check back often (or even better subscribe) for updates.