Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Vacation - Beer Adventure 3

Well the last brew pub I attended was Prairie Rock Brewing Company in Elgin IL. We went there to meet up with my wife's friend from college Erin. We got there and I ordered my normal the beer sampler. This sampler came with 6 beers:
1. Prairie Light - I was a nice light beer that had some good flavor. If your not an adventurous beer drinker(I don't know why you wouldn't be) then this is the beer for you.
2. Clocktower Amber Lager - This was a little heavier and flavorful then the Light. It had a nice light hoppy flavor. A normal beer drinker probably would like it.
3. Pale Rider Ale - My favorite!! A lot of hops just the way I like it.
4. Vanilla Cream Ale - It was ok. I could taste the vanilla but just like the chocolate ale I don't feel that vanilla should be in an ale.
5. Seasonal Bock - Sorry it had a name but I didn't really care for it and its not on my tasting card
6. Stout - Same as above!

The server also hooked me up with a sample of their version of a Black & Tan which is a mix of the seasonal Bock and the Vanilla Cream Ale. I must say that the marriage of the 2 was better then the 2 parts. It was really good but I wasn't too impressed with them alone.

Overall i think that Prairie Rock would be a good place to hang with your buddies to have a beer. Give it a shot if you are in the Chicago area.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Vacation - Beer Adventure 2

Hi All,

The second brew pub we went to was called Taylor's Brewing Company in Lombard, IL. Well this was the king of tastings for me. I tried 16 different kinds. I did share alot of them with the table so I only probably ended up drinking a beer or 3 total.

Here is a list of the beers with a few comments from me.

Rusty Dog Amber - A beautiful golden amber beer characterized by a mild malt palate, subtle hop overtones, and a sweet malt aroma.

Weizen - A true Bavarian style weizen beer. Intentionally cloudy, this beer has a hint of clover and a crisp fruity character.

Raspberry Wheat - This light beer is delightfully crisp with the tantalizing aroma and taste of fresh raspberries. - If you like Raspberry wheat beers then you will like this one. It is nice and smooth with a little more then a hint of raspberry.

Nut Brown Ale - A traditional British brown ale featuring a deep chestnut color, slightly roasted malt flavor, and an aroma hinting of fine English hops.

Route 56 Light Ale - Named after Butterfield Road, this new ale has a flavor profile of a light pilsner beer. Brewed with Hallertau and Williamette hops.

Summerfest - A rich, deep golden hued, German festival beer made from expensive imported grains with a smooth malty flavor and a clean pleasant finish.

India Pale Ale- IPA was originally brewed for English royalty living in India during the 1800's. Increased alcohol volume and high hop acids assured the journey from Britain to India. - Like usual the IPA is my favorite. The hoppier the better. My personal opinion on beer is if you can actually drink it warm then its a good quality beer in my book.

Blushing Blonde Ale - A very smooth reddish golden ale, well balanced with a pleasing afterstate and a light hop aroma.

Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale - A new beer which is slightly sweet with a hint of a blueberry aroma. The flavor is fruity, but finishes nice and tart, just like a wild blueberry. Look for the fresh blueberry in your glass.

Northern Light Ale - An all new light ale with a full malt flavor - Very good for a light beer. It had a nice hoppy flavor.

Pure Pilsner - A European style beer with a complex blend of four malted grains and two hop varieties.

Golden Diamond - A pale golden-colored beer with a distinct malt flavor and a balanced hop character.

Cream Ale - A very smooth, golden, creamy beer with a low carbonation that makes this beer very drinkable.

Dark Satin - A reddish-brown German dunkel with a soft yet solid and very complex multi-malt palate accentuated by a well balanced selection of hops and displaying a hint of toffee flavor.

VooDoo Raspberry - A mixture of Raspberry Wheat and Two Brother's Imperial Stout creates a roasted chocolate flavored beer with a hint of raspberry. - I really liked this one. This is the second dark beer I have liked in 2 days. Go Figure!!

After reading through the list I think there was a few missing from there web list. There was one that was absolutely vile. I say try them all and you can guess which one it is. Also do to the reccomendation of the waitress and my mother in law. I got an award winning burger. All I can say if that was a regional award winner then I feel sorry for the Chicagoland area. It was ok but I can think of 3 places in Bakersfield that are way better. Don't get me wrong it was a decent burger but it wasn't anything special.

Well that was day two!! Come back tomorrow night for Beer Adventure 3.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Vacation - Beer Adventure 1

Hi All,

Well for the last few years when ever i go on vacation I always try and have some sort adult beverage tasting. I was really lucky this trip I had 4 beer tastings and a consistent 5 days of wine tasting. Yes basically all I did was eat and drink this trip. I did work out once though. Thats actually pretty impressive for thanksgiving week with the in-laws. This first post will discuss my Saturday tasting at Americas Brewery at the Walter Peyton's Roundhouse in Aurora, IL. They normally have 7 beers on tap but due to the hops shortage they only had 5. This is the first time I had actually seen a hops issue effect my life.

The 2 they dropped were the Payton Pilsner and the Corolla Lager.

The 5 they had were a Pumpkin Ale, Chocolate Ale, Triple Black Coffee Stout, Amber, and I think a Bock. The last 2 weren't on the tasting sheet I brought home so I could be wrong. The Pumpkin Ale was good due to a subtle hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. I would compare it to a Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale but the blue moon was a little more pumpkiny. The chocolate Ale wasn't very good and I don't feel chocolate should be in an ale. A porter or a stout yes. The triple black coffee stout was actually pretty good for a stout I am not a really big fan of really dark beers but this had a nice smooth flavor with a hint of coffee. If more stouts were like this I think I would like more of them. The amber was also really good. There wasn't anything overly distinguishing about it was just a nice flavorful amber that you could drink at any time with your buddies.

Overall I would say try this out and if you do hopefully they will have there pilsner and there Lager. My mother in law has eaten there before and said the food was good there also. One other point I would like to point out is I saw on there main bar wall, that wasn't open when I got there, was they make a barley wine. I haven't had a barley wine that I didn't like.

Well that was one day!! Come back tomorrow night for Beer Adventure 2.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

For All 25 of my avid readers

I have been out of town for the TG holiday so I haven't had time to post. I have alot of beer and wine stories to catch up on. I hope to have some time tomorrow while I am waiting at the airport. So stay tuned!!

Hope you all had a great holiday!!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Patriots @ Bills Sunday Night

Hi all,

I was going to try and do some catch up on the internet with the in game blogging cause I had a late start because I had one of my staff members over for dinner so that she could learn how to feed my cats. She is going to be my cat sitter if I ever go away.

Well I finally am able to start the blogging tonight and its already 14 nothing. So I don't think I am going to do it. I may decide to write something else about my Bills if they somehow have a come back of the ages.

Lets just do a quick post about food.

I would like to start out by saying I am basically a carnivore. Well today I made vegetarian chili for my staff member cause she is a vegetarian. I actually really liked it. The multiple beans in the chili gave it a kind of meaty texture. Don't get me wrong I prefer the beefy chili but for a change of pace i think i could do vegetarian. If you are interested in the recipe its from my girl Rachael. It is called Veg-Head Three-Bean Chili and you can download it at,,FOOD_9936_18690,00.html

I hope to write again later but I am not going to get my hopes up.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just a Normal Thusday

Well I have received some complaints that my blog has been too sports related. Well I am going to post something short and boring off the topic of sports. My evening!!

Well today has been a pretty normal day. I came home from work and talked myself out of the gym because my shoulder has been bothering me the last few weeks. So I came home and watched some of the Oregon/Arizona game on ESPN. Then I had some leftover pasta sausage and marinara. ( I like sausage!!). Then I played Halo 3 for about an hour with a friend from NY. I suck at the game but its cool to be able to play with my friends from long distance. I know it sounds so 1o yrs old but hey it all good. After all the gaming I watched todays Rachael Ray show and I am currently watching last nights Bionic Women in HD while drinking a Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale by Blue Moon. It is a rather nice ale with a hint of pumpkin.

Hopefully that didn't bore you too much,

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bills @ Dolphins Week 10 in Game and Varous other NFL action

Hi all,

There are a few games i am really interested today so I am going to use my channel flipping skills today so don't expect a true series by series breakdown. I am bound to miss some. Well enjoy the games today. I am going to watch all of them in beautiful stunning HD on Directv Sunday Ticket. (My someone from Directv reads my blog and can give me something for the plug.)

Start of game

First Quarter:
Dolphins first series starts at the 25. The Dolphins start out showing they do have some sort of offense. Chatman breaks off a few good run and lemon throws some nice short passes. After showing some nice ball movement and gettting into the Bills redzone the D holds them to a fieldgoal. Bills 0 - Dolphins 3. - I don't like how the Dolphins were able to move the ball like that. The D has been the brightspot the last few weeks . Lets see what JP and Marshawn can do.

Bills first series starts at the 36 after the kickoff. The Bills O is looking like garbage like most of the weeks this season. The Bills have a 3 and out and are forced to punt. Miami ball at the 29. - The Dolphins have the worst D in the NFL and the Bills can't move the ball.

Dolphins second series has the Dolphins moving the ball well after what should have be a 3 and out. A dumb offsides penalty seems to have given the Dolphins O life again. The Bills are able to hold the dolphins and force a punt.

*****Off Game***
You know what pisses me off when a team gives TD to non normal players. I am playing both Jones-Drew and Taylor from JVille and they throw to Greg Jones for the TD. This sucks!

The Bills second series starts at the 36 after the punt. The Bills do one of there infamous run, run, run. 3 and out for the Bills again. The Bills punt the ball. - This ir really irritating me. The Dolphins secondary sucks!!! Throw, Throw, Throw for a change!!!

The Dolphins third series starts at the 12 after the punt. The Bills D forces a 3 and out.

End of First Quarter

Start of Second Quarter

The Bills third series starts at the 30 after the punt. The Bills run, run, run offense is showing up again. Well there was a pass on 3rd down but that was required after with a 3 and long. Bills punt and the Dolphins get the ball at the 25. - This is getting rediculous. Some times you have to throw to open up the running game. I may have to start a website.

The Dolphins fourth series has the Dolphins running the ball well again. Chatman has close to at 100 yards and its only the middle of the second. If it wasn't for Chatman the Dolphins O would have nothing.

The Bills forth series starts at the 20 after the punt. Another 3 and out for the Bills. This is the 4th out of 4 drives. - Well atleast they threw 2 out of 3. Its still only 3-0 anything can still happen.

The Dolphins fifth series at the 26 after the punt. Another 3 and out for the Dolphins.

The Bills fifth series starts at the 35 after the punt and a nifty little return by Roscoe Parish. damn I missed good Bills O. They are in side the Dolphins 25 after a nice pass and great run by Marshawn. JP thows a pick. Dolphins have the ball at the 9. -I would have been better off not watching.

The Dolphins sixth series. I don't know what happened. Didn't really pay attention. They didn't score so I am guessing they just sucked it up again.

The Bills sixth series. Ends the half!

End of Half!!

After a great Offensive showing by both teams. They have earned a well deserved rest!!

Start of Third Quarter

The Bills seventh series starts at the 38 after the kickoff. The Bills show a little offensive movement this series but a big dropped sure touchdown pass forces a punt.

The Dolphins seventh series starts at the 2 after a great special teams play. This Bills sack the Dolphins QB Lemon in the endzone for the safety. Bills 2 - Dolphins 3 - Looks like a minor league baseball score to me!!

The Bills eights series starts at the 45 after a nice return on the kickoff. The anemic offense of the Bills is still around. The Bills do nothing again. Bills punt! - This game is boring the hell out of me. I just can't stop watching though. Thats what sucks about being a true fan.

The Dolphins eight series starts at the 20 after the touchback. The Dolphins are moving the ball well. They are into Bills territory at the 35. The Dolphins are just pounding the Bills D and are just outside the Bills 10. Lemon runs it in for a TD - Bills 2 - Dolphins 10 - This is absolutely pathetic. I was excited about the Bills the rest of the season I am not so sure anymore. I can't see how the O can be so bad.

End of Third Quarter

Start of Fourth Quarter

The Bills ninth series starts at the 35 after the kick off. For the first time today the Bills have made a big play. 4th and 6in. The Bills got 6.5in. Bills got 1st and goal from the 3. Bills TD and 2 point conversion!!! Bills 10 Dolphins 10!! - Its still a football game. I think the Bills should just forfit the first 3 quarters and just play the 4th. That seems to be the only quarter they can play in. Marshawn is the man!!!

The Dolphins tenth series starts at the 29. The Dolphins ran the kickoff back for a TD but a huge holding penalty brings it all back. Wow that was big!! The Dolphins Offense is moving the ball well but the Bills are able to force a punt.

The Bills eleventh series starts at the 50 after a great 40 yard return by Parrish. The Bills offense has picked up a few first downs and are in field goal range. This has been a nice drive for the Bills they have picked up a few first downs and are keeping the clock running. The Bills kick the field goal for a 13 - 10 lead. - This game has been really stressful. Lets hope the D can hold them with under a minute left.

The Dolphins eleventh drive starts at the 45 after the kick off and the return. The Bills D picked off Lemon.

The Bills twelfth series ends the game with a kneel down.

End of game

Bills win 13-10!!! The game sucked until the 4th quarter but my Bills win!!

See you all next week!!


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Week 9 Bengals at Bills

Hi All,

Welcome to the 3rd week of the Bills in game blog. I am going to start out to say I am pissed my game isn't in HD today. This is the only game on the Directv Superfan lineup not in HD. Thats what happens when most people find it the worst game of the week. But I personally think this will be a shoot out. Lets find out.

Go Bills!!

Start of 1st Quarter (Kick off 1:05pm)

Bills win the toss and take the ball

Bills first series starts at the 25 after the kick off and return. I love it already 3 play 3 throws 2 for long gains. Bills after 3 plays are in the red zone. Bills are slicing through the Bengals D like a warm knife through butter. For the first time this season the Bills have scored a TD on the first drive. Lee Evans and JP Loseman are the men this drive. Bills 7 - Bengals 0 - I have no idea what will happen the res tof the game but i think this proves my boy JP should be the QB. This is his team and he and Lee Evans have a chemistry that takes a few seasons to build.

Bengals first series starts at the 20 after the kick off. Like the Bills the Bengals are showing some offensive prowess. They are in the red zone after a few big gains. Bengals match the Bills first drive with a TD of there own. Bills 7 - Bengals 7. - It looks like my prediction of a shoot out may be accurate.

Bills second series starts at the 31 after the kickoff. This drive ends in a 3 and out. Bills punt and the Bengals get the Ball at the 34. - I still love how the Bills are throwing but JP did throw a really dumb pass that could have been picked. Stay aggressive but be smart is my motto and should be the bills motto.

Bengals second series like the Bills ends in a 3 and out. Bengals punt the ball and the Bills get it at their 15. - It looks the Bills and Bengals are the same team. What one does the other does. Lets just hope the Bills have the ball last.

The Bills third series has the Bills moving the ball well at first but a short throw by JP results in an interception. I know it was only 3rd down but the interception was extremly harmful as it would like a good punt. Bengals get the ball at the 5. - I know JP is excited but he needs to play smart if he wants to keep his job.

The Bengals third series ends the 1st quarter.

End of 1st Quarter

Start of 2nd Quarter

Bengals third series continues with them moving the ball slowly but surely. A few first downs is keeping the clock running, keeping the Bills O off the field and tiring out the D. The Bengals have the ball in Bills territory for the 2nd time today but the Bills D forces them to punt.

Bills fourth series starts at the 25 after the punt. The Bills ground game is showing some life with Marshawn carrying the load. JP and Evans hook up for a big gain again. Bills get into the redzone again. The bills are not used to this area. Marshawn is running great on this drive. Two redzone trips 10 points Bills 10 - Bengals 7 - Thank goodness the Bengals have no defense. I don't like how the Bills got conservative in the redzone again. First and goal from the 1. 3 points doesn't cut it.

Bengals fourth series doesn't happen Glen Holt returns the kick off 100 yards for the TD. Bill 10 - Bengals 14. - That royally sucked didn't it.

Bills fifth series starts at the 34 after the kickoff. The Bills are chucking the ball around with under 2 minutes to and are in the redzone again. Bills 13 - Bengals 14- I love the play calling after giving up the TD on the kickoff return. Points at the end of the half a big.

The Bengals fifth series consisted of taking a knee after the kick off to end the half.

End of Half - I don't think my shoot out prediction is going to be right anymore.

Start of 3rd Quarter

Bengals sixth series in my book meant Bengals get the ball and nothing happens. - Sorry I was making lunch I was hungry. I made a philly cheese steak if your wondering.

Bills sixth series has the Bills moving the ball well again. With a nice combination of passing and running. As usual the Bills can't pound it in and have to settle for a field goal. Bills 16 - Bengals 14. - I am really getting sick of the conservativeness in the redzone. 4th and 1 with Marshawn dominating the Bengals should be a give me. Even if its not atleast show some confidence in you r team that they can make something happen.

Bengals seventh series starts at the 30 after the kick off. The Bengals passing game is shreading the Bills D. The Bengals are in the redzone and unlike the Bills when they get there they don't have a problem punching it in. Bills 16 - Bengals 21 - The Bills not going for TD's is going to really hurt them.

Bills seventh series starts at the 22. Yet again the Bills are moving the ball with some good running by Marshawn and few good gains by JP and his feet. The Bills are in Bengals territory again.

End of 3rd Quarter

Start of 4th Quarter

Bills seventh series continues inside the Bengals 30 after a JP and Evans connect again to end the quarter. The Bills drive stalls again in the redzone. The Bills kick another field goals. Bills 19 - Bengals 21. - I have no idea what can possibly be done to get the Bills into the end zone. This is getting ridiculous. Other then the 4th and 1 play I am pretty happy with the play calling. The Bills are actually doing things the way I like it.

Bengals eighth series starts at the 20 after the touch back. After a huge drop by Chad Johnson the Bengals are forced to punt with at 3 and out. Bills get the ball at their 41.

Bills eighth series ends in a 3 and out. After the punt the Bengals get the ball at the 6. - I think they sould have gone for it on 4th and 1 from the 50. I may have to start a petition free Marshawn.

Bengals ninth series ends in a 3 and out. After the punt and a penalty (Bengals) the Bills get the ball at the Bengals 32. - That was the D I wanted to see. I guess I can't complain now after the punted the last time.

Bills ninth series starts off as the Marshawn Lynch show. 6 runs in a row and 2 first downs. Then a TD pass by Marshawn. It edded with the Marshawn show. Bills 26 - Bengals 21

Bengals tenth series starts at the 26 after the kickoff. After a 12 yard screen pass the Bengals go 3 and out. The Bills get the ball at the 28.

Bills tenth series results in 56 yard TD run after a missed tackle. Give JP credit for keeping the drive alive on a key 3rd and 1 with a thread the needle pass to Evans. Bills 32 - Bengals 21. - This might have been the Bills best game of the year. Give Marshawn a game ball!!

Bengals eleventh series starts at the 17 after the kick off and major penalty. Chad Johnson of the Bengals got blasted by Donte Whitner and has been on the ground for a long while and was finally carried out on a stretcher. Luckily he was moving everything and that it is nothing more then a concussion. The Bills pick off a Carson Palmer pass and get the ball back at the 11.

The Bills eleventh drive ends the game after taking a knee.

End of Game

The Bills have won their 3rd in a row after starting 1 and 4. If it wasn't for 2 last drive collapes the Bills would be 6 and 2 and in playoff contention. At 4 and 4 the Bills still have a shot but there are just to many good AFC teams. We can always hope.